Like Airbnb gives people an opportunity to decide where their home will be, I want to give us an opportunity to decide where our clothing is being made.


INLANDER is a pre-ordering system and a database that helps you to have your clothing created by a local designer or a tailor, or a well organised platform to make connections if you’re a creator. 


It is not enough for us anymore that it is a beautiful piece - we want to know who made it and where it came from.


We offer a more conscious perspective on shopping by connecting local designers and tailors to the customers.

For example, a tailor man that lives next street and who can fix my pair of pants can do much more than that. But he doesn’t know how and where to tell about himself. By connecting him with customers we create more jobs and reduce overproduction. 


The program can create patterns made from a 3d prototype so the person who will sew your clothes doesn’t necessarily has to have outstanding skills in designing to create your piece. 

If a designer creates a 3d prototype, people can vote for it and join the project. The more people want to have the piece - the lower the price. Overproduction is reduced.


Textile industry is one of the world’s top 5 polluters. We need a more responsible system - mass production does not move us forward.

Where are your clothes made?



Every year we throw away 30kg of clothes, and the textile industry is one of the world’s top 5 polluters. Second after oil, fashion and textiles is the most polluting industry in the world.

The environmental slogan coming from the ’80s is “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. But people have mostly ignored the rst two more important R’s and focused on recycling.


We offer a different perspective on shopping by supporting local designers by connecting them to the customers. How? It is a mo- bile application that educates and changes people’s relationships with fashion. It is a pre ordering system that helps you to create your own clothes that are made by a local designer, swap your clothes with other users and to send back to reuse.



Now is the time for thoughtful fashion.