Styled Photoshoot. Christmas Fairy Tale

Those are pictures that were in my head for a very long time: very organic and natural. This is my first experience in making bouquets and setting up a table. It is a bit messy, and this is what I like the most: happy accidents. They make images look more alive and natural. 
The main character is my dear Marjet, who became even more charming because of pregnancy. Three months ago when she told me about her expecting a baby, I started to cry and I broke my cup of tea. I am happy for her as I would be happy for myself. I wanted to capture her in this magical moment of her life like it is a fairy tale, because in a way it is a fairy tale. Marjet is incredibly kind, like a princess from books that we used to read when we were children.

And now I want to wish you all Merry Christmas,
I hope this year gave you a lot of memories and things to be happy about.